¡Por supuesto, Pippi Calzaslargas merece nueva música!

Al menos eso pensó Björn Ulvaeus cuando decidió crear un espectáculo musical completo bajo el nombre de "Pippi at the Circus".

The producer Mathias Venge and I recently got the idea that in parallel with and without disturbing ongoing rehearsals of "Pippi at the Circus" we could do a so-called "Concept Album" to present the music.
This was often done in the past. "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Chess" are some examples. Guest artists are invited to sing the different roles on the album, but then many of those roles are performed by others, in our case our circus artists, once the musical premieres on stage.

Mathias and I made a wish list and almost everyone on that list answered yes! The recordings went like a dance as it does with super professionals. "
/ Björn Ulvaeus
The album "Pippi på Cirkus" contains eleven newly written songs and on the wish list were stars such as Benjamin Ingrosso, Seinabo Sey, Björn Dixgård and Helen Sjöholm.

Producer Mathias Venge continues:

It started with Björn calling one evening last autumn and saying "it sounds damn good about your demos to Pippi, shall we not make an album?"

Of course I said yes and then the work of matching the right guest artist to the right song began.
Helen Sjöholm was first out and then the artists took turns in my little studio. The collaboration with Björn is intense, creative and fantastically constructive. A person whose heart beats for the same thing as mine. Thank you Björn !! I had a lot of fun on the road! "

About the participation on the record, the artists themselves say:

"It's nice that Pippi should get new life again. And so fun - and an honor - to be able to vote for the greedy Circus Director in a bloody tango! "
/ Helen Sjöholm

"I am so proud to be a small part of this incredible production with fantastic creators! A dream for me to write music with Björn Ulvaeus himself and I long until everyone can take part in what we have done! "
/ Benjamin Ingrosso
"It is a great honor to be part of working with a legend like Björn Ulvaeus on this project. Pippi has always been one of my biggest inspirations and it feels so nice to be part of her world. "
/ Seinabo Sey

"I feel honored to have the opportunity to sing the songs from Pippi at Cirkus. Astrid Lindgren is a recurring element in my life, first as a child and now as a parent. Being able to sing and give voice to Starka Adolf was fun and challenging, and has given me a lot of joy. "
/ Björn Dixgård

Release: June 17

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